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About My Services

Suresh m is a professional and experienced astrologer with an experience of 14 years. Ny expertise lies in Nadi Astrology & Vedic Astrology.he has served a number of people including many Politician and Celebrity He has done thousands of horoscopes readings and consultations.Mr. suresh believes in providing In-depth, fast, accurate and informative readings using various tools of Astrology and ultimately providing a proper solution to all his customers. Despite being an Astrologer, he is always keen to learn new things in order to enhance his knowledge and develop newer methods of helping society and working for the betterment of the people. Till now he has served more than 15000 people who actually got benefited by his remedies. Nevertheless, he is an all-around Astrologer who can provide you with the proper guidance in every step of your life and ultimately lead your lives towards the way of success. Along with this, if you want any type of Consultation regarding Marriage, Relationships, Education, Business etc, here is there to help you.Mr suresh offer consultation for events like Career /Business, Finance , Love Affairs , Marriage , Foreign Travel , Foreign settlement , Property/Vehicle Purchase , Litigation , Child Birth etc.he is no 1 astrologer for Match Making in india which will give clarity in the right selection of prospective bride/groom.

Experience & Qualification

I possess extensive expertise as an Astrologer, cultivated through years of dedicated practice and study. My proficiency spans various disciplines including Palmistry, Vedic Astrology, Numerology, and Vastu Shastra. By delving into these ancient sciences, I uncover invaluable insights into individual destinies and character traits. Vedic Astrology elucidates the profound impact of celestial bodies on our lives, while Numerology offers a distinctive viewpoint on personality traits and life trajectories. Committed to ongoing learning and exploration, I continually update my knowledge to provide clients with informed guidance and effective remedies.

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Parth Sharma

bahut achha lagega aap inse ek bar baat Kar k dekho


Kavya Roy

He answered my all query. I will consult him again


Jinal Sanghvi



Madav Joshi

aashirvaad dein humein guruji .... aap kaafi positive response diye ...accha laga ... kal fir aapse baat karunga raat ko


Deepika Kumari

good suggestion