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About My Services

I help people understand their lives better through astrology. I use astrological charts to give accurate readings and guidance. I look at how the planets affect things like careers, relationships, and health. My consultations are detailed and practical, with advice tailored to each person. Whether it's understanding relationships, careers, or health, I aim to give clarity and direction. I offer different services like birth chart readings, predicting the future, and suggesting remedies based on astrology to help people live happier lives.

Experience & Qualification

I started my journey as an astrology expert by studying intensely at Kendriya Sanskar Vishwavidyalay, where I learned about Jyotishi, which is a part of astrology. Then, I went on to do a Jyotish Acharya (PG) program at the Central Sanskrit University Lucknow campus. These studies gave me a deep understanding of astrology and how to use it practically. Over the years, I've helped many different people with their problems using astrology. I combine traditional teachings with modern methods to give thorough and helpful advice to those who need it. With my strong base in Vedic astrology and my commitment to learning more, I'm here to offer reliable and valuable astrology services to anyone who needs guidance.

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Sunita Rao

Sir se baat karne ke baad aur unke diye gaye upaay karne ke baad problem solve karne ke liye raste nikal ke aye. Thank you sir.


Arnav Tandon

Sir ne mujhe kundali dosh ke baarein mein bataya tha. Dosh ke liye upaay karne ke baad mere business mein taraki hone lagi.